Things on my mind

COVID, George Floyd, Christian Cooper, Twitter’s ‘wfh forever’, anti-Asian sentiment stemming from COVID, narratives-as-strategy, curse of competence, matching companies to personalities (MBTI for companies), etc.  So many topics and perspectives I’d love to share with the world.  It’s so hard to do that when one works for a company; can’t truly divorce blogposts from things happening at work.


You know, ever since my experience at XXXX company, I’ve believed that as leaders, we can’t be afraid of our employees to truly lead.  Yet leaders often are afraid:  that employees may leave; may get upset; may ask uncomfortable questions; may not like you; that the press will twist words; that external parties will denounce you.  As a leader, I’ve felt that way, but at the end of the day, if you truly believe that what you are doing is right, then you have to overcome that fear and just accept that not everyone will love you.  But you can hold your head high for doing what you believe is the right thing.


Anyway, more later.  I’m particularly interested in seeing the evolution of the WFH-forever idea, and have been thinking more about how the emphasis on narratives can lead to inauthenticity, a prison of one’s own making.  And how difficult it is to clean-sheet one’s reputation and impressions on others.



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