A Little Bit About Me

Here is a link to my professional background, and here is my latest CV:  Sue Choe CV.2021.nocontactinfo

Here is more information about me as a person:

  • I have lived in NYC for nearly 18 years, and am currently residing in Brooklyn.
  • I’m married to a cat whisperer named Alex.
  • We had a Persian cat named Wallie.  When she was a kitten, we thought her long whiskers made her look like a walrus….actually, we were mistaking a sea lion with a walrus, but Seallie doesn’t have the same ring as Wallie.
  • My Myers Briggs Type is INTJ.
  • My Personalysis report is spot-on.  (See below.)
  • I have workaholic tendencies, but it’s because I find people and people-related questions to be riveting.  And… I’m a perfectionist.
  • I am pretty quiet and reserved on the outside.  Highly chatty and argumentative on the inside.
  • I try to sleep 8 hours a night, and when I don’t, it’s obvious.
  • I worry about becoming a bag lady when I’m older.

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