[draft] Core Principles

…am facilitating core principles for company.  makes me think about what are the values of my ideal company?  2 minute-brainstorm:

  • Personal well-being = professional well-being.  Recognize that how your life outside of the office affects your impact inside the office.  Encourage personal pursuits and time.
  • “Yes, it’s your problem.”  People should identify and own problems, even if it’s not their issue.  Make sure it gets solved.
  • Grow the pie.  View opportunities and challenges as ways to make things better for everyone, not as zero-sum.  Don’t just focus on your slice; help others.
  • Invest in the leaders of tomorrow.  They are our employees today, but future leaders tomorrow.  We can grow leaders with high integrity, empathy, and courage, before releasing them out into the world.  (Businesses rarely last as long as someone’s career; our impact is our diaspora.)
  • Tell it like it is.  No BS.  Be honest.  Ask for help.

as i think about it, would be an interesting interview question for Heads of People.

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